What We Do


We develop strategies that ensure your business works smarter, not harder. Identifying your challenges and objectives, our consultants provide both short and long-term plans to meet goals and targets.

Once we've established what you want from your IT, we find opportunities to maximise the efficiency of your technologies and new ways they can support you. Together with your organisation, Shaw consultants run workshops with every member of your team to compile a detailed plan of the required projects and costs.

Cloud and Technology

Our consultants are highly experienced thinkers in Cloud and future technology platforms. Reviewing the systems you currently have in place, we offer Cloud system advice and strategic proposals to develop your business case.

We design transition paths and roadmaps to ensure your systems are fully maximised, and from there we identify the suppliers and partners to implement the positive changes.

Information Management

Shaw consultants are dedicated to helping our clients maximise the benefits of the information stored within their systems. We deliver new insights, bring value to your investments and look at ways of helping you develop record management policies to use your IT more effectively.

For unique strategies and routes to business transformation, please contact us.