What We Do

Contract Review

As well as helping you to procure the right supplier for your new IT project we can also assist you with contract review before work starts - or even during delivery.

Finding the right provider is, of course, only the start when it comes to IT project delivery. You want to make sure your project is completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

Once you have chosen a supplier, we can carry out a rigorous assessment of your provider’s terms and conditions to make sure the contract you sign is balanced in your favour as the customer.

We have the IT expertise to make sure contract review is carried out with your project’s key deliverables in mind, and support you in engaging with the supplier to ensure the contracted terms reflect a proportionate balance of risk, ideally based on what each party is bringing to the table for successful delivery of the project.

We’ll make sure you’re not expected to make unreasonable upfront payments - or unfair payments at key milestones if the project has not been completed to your satisfaction. We’ll also ensure you are not expected to shoulder the risk should the project face delays.

We can also support you with contract review if you are experiencing difficulties with your current supplier and are in dispute over project delivery.

Shaw is able to offer this service to any public sector organisation looking to better manage their commercial relationships with private providers, including housing associations, local councils, healthcare and education providers - as well as charitable organisations and independent education providers.

Our focus is on protecting you as the client in terms of price, scope and risk - while at the same time making sure private sector partnerships focus on your desired outcomes and outputs. As the client, you rely on your expert provider’s expertise, capability and capacity - and we’re here to ensure they deliver against that role.

It’s about ensuring complete transparency between all parties - and that there is a clear understanding by all parties of what is expected and how it will be funded, delivered, managed and monitored.

We can also support you with contract exit / transition strategies and future Target Operating Models to ensure you are prepared for what comes after project delivery.