What We Do

Artificial Intelligence Strategy Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence technologies have the potential to improve your organisation's customer service, while offering significant cost savings over traditional methods of communication. Our expert consultants can help you to identify appropriate, cost-effective AI-driven applications and guide you through each stage of their adoption.

Utilising our knowledge of this fast-developing sector, we will assess your current customer service operation and whether parts of it could be enhanced by the use of technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Robotic Processing Automation, often in the form of Virtual Assistants and Chatbots.

In addition to issues such as whether adoption could speed up customer contact, increase your capacity without hiring additional staff and enable contact in multiple languages, we would examine in detail how it would effect your cost per customer interaction.

Should the cost and service benefits be right for your organisation, we can help you through the process of adopting AI technology, from independent assessment of the available systems all the way through to guidance on how to implement the chosen product effectively.

For advice on how AI technology can deliver practical solutions in your organisation, please contact us.