We have worked with countless NHS Trusts across the UK, helping them to achieve greater value for their IT budgets and to improve the resilience of their systems.

As a number of our consultants have extensive experience of working on healthcare projects, the Shaw team have an in-depth understanding of both the IT challenges faced by NHS Trusts and of procurement within the sector.

We have a selection of services designed to help you improve performance and manage costs in your IT function, ranging from service reviews and strategy development to programme management, business continuity planning and procurement management.

Our approach is collaborative and we'll work closely with your management and operational teams in order to gain an insight into your Trust's true requirements, before determining effective, future-proof and affordable solutions.

Health service projects we have successfully delivered include:

Cambridge University Hospitals

Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) System Specification & Procurement

The Shaw team guided the Trust through the process of putting together a detailed specification for the CAFM solution and the tender documentation.

Once the responses were received, we helped the Trust's management with the analysis and scoring of them, through to the selection of the preferred bidder.

Derby NHS

Data Centre Resilience Assessment

Our consultants performed a detailed technical review of the Trust's data centres to ensure they were resilient and fit for purpose.

Once we gained a thorough understanding of the current position, we produced a fully-costed options appraisal report that detailed where the existing facilities needed to be improved and alternative locations for data centre services.

We also undertook another technical project for the Trust, which focussed on how they decommission ICT infrastructure services located at their old hospital site, the impact of decommissioning those services, and the options for a plan to ensure a smooth transition.

NHS Scotland

Disaster Recovery Strategy

One of the NHS Boards in Scotland endured a major incident and the IT Disaster Recovery Plans didn't work as expected, which prompted NHS Scotland to commission a review to assess the plans of all its Boards to ensure they were fit for purpose.

Shaw Consulting worked alongside NCC Group to deliver this key review.

We examined the existing detailed plans and inspected data centre facilities to determine whether the Boards had robust processes and the necessary technical resilience in place.

The findings were then used to produce a detailed report, which was presented to NHS Scotland.

For more information about our services for the NHS or to discuss your project in detail, please contact us.

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