Annual Social Housing IT Benchmarking Survey

by Shaw Consulting


Our survey is now in its seventh year - providing invaluable information and metrics to allow housing associations compare their IT delivery with similar sized organisations. The information produced can help your organisation plan for the future and will allow you to see how your peers get the most out of IT.

Previously it was just for members of the BATH (Business and Technology in Housing) Group, a group of housing associations that each manage more than 10,000 properties. For the last two years, we’ve extended the survey to non-members and organisations with less than 10,000 properties.

Example information within the report includes:

  • Organisational & Cost Information
  • IT Systems
  • Data & Reporting
  • IT System Ratings
  • IT Team - System Support
  • IT Projects, Training & IT Service Desk
  • Information Governance, ICT Security and IT Risk

Data Collection
To collect the survey results we use an online survey tool. The tool is very easy to use and is accessed via PCs or mobile devices such as iPads or Android tablets. The survey is broken into logical sections so it can be completed by multiple people in your organisation.

Participating in the Survey
The cost of participation is £800 plus VAT. To register for the 2021 survey, please complete the form below.

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