Don’t let pandemic fatigue delay your IT project

by Chris Shaw


Weary is a term that sums up pretty much what most of us are feeling at the moment. This weariness is creeping into every aspect of our lives – from being bored with the same walk around the block for our daily dose of exercise to exhausting every boxset possibility on Netflix.

The impact of lockdown measures combined with project teams no longer being in the same room, means projects need their own jab to reinvigorate the delivery process.

We’ve recently been brought in on several projects to refocus the team and suppliers back on the objective – and inject a dose of momentum.

We fully recognise that nothing has been normal about the last 12 months, with professional and personal lives turned upside down.

It is fair to say COVID19 has pushed even the most talented project professionals to their limits. In normal times project managing is a balancing act, but throw in a societal earthquake on the scale we have witnessed and balance will be off kilter.

Our role in recent months has been to reset the balance. You may ask how has the pandemic impacted on a technology implementation project? Yes, the components of the delivery plan certainly won’t have changed, but those implementing it and the lives they lead will have been impacted significantly. Their daily routines will have switched, they may be managing children at home or supporting an elderly relative. We all know the dramatic changes the pandemic has made to our everyday lives and how it has made many people feel fatigued.

All this fatigue can really make it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

In normal times our approach at Shaw is to optimise delivery by managing resources and internal and external partners. The aim is to deliver on time and on budget.

But in a Covid19 world Gannt charts and tasks lists are not enough. We have to be cognizant of the impact of Covid19 on everyone involved in the project if delivery is to be successful.

This means taking into account the substantial effects these trying times have had on our work life and wellbeing. It has never been more important than now to run projects with an open and supportive approach.

As we emerge from restrictions, we are confident project delivery will become smoother, but there will still be a need to manage confidently and compassionately as we transition to a new state of normal.

To discuss how we can guide you and your team to successfully deliver technology projects in a Covid world, please get in touch.

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