Microsoft Bookings - getting the right appointment

by Chris Shaw

Microsoft bookings

At Shaw Consulting we have started using Microsoft Bookings to enable our clients and other people who want to meet with us select an appointment slot from an online calendar for the type of service they want.

It’s proving to be a great hit with our customers and removes the need for the back and forth of emails trying to find a slot which works for all concerned.

For booking one to one meetings its great, but its not as good as some specialist solutions like Calendy which allows you to check the availability for a group of people and book a slot that works for all.

However, it’s really easy to setup and in the space of 30 minutes you could provide your customers with an online calendar which they could book a meeting with you.

You can control what days and what times, people can book, how long the meeting is, add buffer time before and after a meeting and you can assign certain people to a meeting type (in bookings they call it services).

For these services, you can even assign a cost to them and track your revenue.

Because its from Microsoft, its integrated with Teams and can therefore send out meeting link for a Teams voice and video call.

Once the customer selects the meeting slot, it sends them a confirmation email, which can have your agenda in. To make sure your customer doesn’t forget they are meeting with you, you can set up reminder emails which are sent out at defined intervals.

If the customer needs to change the meeting date or time, they can self-service and make those changes.

As part of a new engagement, to develop a Digital and Data Strategy, we needed to arrange 30 plus meetings. With Microsoft Bookings this has been breeze.

If you haven’t looked at this yet, we recommend you do, it will transform how you book meetings.

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