Take a deeper look at Microsoft Teams – it offers much more than video calls

by Shaw Consulting

Teams is about more than video calls

The move to remote working in the current situation has seen a rush to use Microsoft Teams. Often this is to help share documents and for teams not used to remote working, to keep in touch via the message function or video conferencing. What will be interesting to see, is how the use of teams matures as the crisis eases. We think it should become an integral part of any organisation’s approach to project management.

We’ve helped many organisations roll out Teams. It is easy to use without much training, works well on different operating systems and devices and it’s easy to import data from other Microsoft products. In terms of project management, it definitely helps with collaboration through conference calling, online presentations and whiteboarding, document collaboration and sharing. Going forward though, the real trick will be using it to aid planning and progress tracking for projects.

Major projects mean major project plans – vital for a successful outcome but they can be cumbersome. Teams can help link Microsoft Planner and Outlook to assign, prioritise and track progress of tasks. Emails can be sent to colleagues automatically when they are assigned tasks and as deadlines approach. Each project can have its own dashboard and individuals can see all their tasks across multiple projects in one place, helping them to prioritise and plan their time more effectively. The calendar offers a central place to store deadlines and charts show if tasks are slipping or if colleagues are over allocated tasks.

So, once you had fun with the video calls, take another look at Teams and get in touch if you need any help applying it to your projects.

Kerry Martin – Associate Consultant

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