Shaw appointed to Digital Outcomes Specialists Framework

by Chris Shaw

Public sector organisations can now procure services directly from Shaw through the government's Digital Outcomes Specialists Framework.

The framework was developed to give government bodies, as well as organisations such as housing associations, access to specialist digital consultancy services to improve their digital outcomes. All suppliers on the framework, which is an agreement between suppliers and government, agree to the same terms of supply.

It means organisations can more easily procure specialist IT and digital services from an approved list of government suppliers. The Digital Marketplace is where the public sector goes to buy digital services from suppliers on the framework.

The framework is managed by the Crown Commercial Service including all terms and conditions, supplier evaluations and compliance. The Digital Marketplace is managed by the Government Digital Service.

A suite of specialist roles can be drawn on through the framework and Shaw has been approved to deliver eight of these.

Here is the full list of roles we have successfully been chosen to deliver with a short job description:

Data architect: This specialist's job is to set the vision for the organisation's use of data, using data design to meet business needs.

Business analyst: Analyses a service or organisation's business processes and systems, before specifying, collecting and presenting findings.

Performance analyst: Specifies, collects and presents the key performance data and analysis for a service.

Portfolio manager: Provides leadership for a digital portfolio of projects and programmes.

Product manager: Leads the delivery and continuous improvement of one or more digital products or platforms.

Programme manager: Manages and organises groups of related projects so they work together to achieve a strategic objective.

Service manager: Develops and delivers an effective user-focused digital service; as well as managing the full product lifecycle, including user research, design, delivery and continuous improvement.

Technical architect: Breaks down complex problems and identifies steps towards solutions, as well as coaching individuals and engaging with non-technical people at all levels of seniority. Also writes code as a senior member of the development team.

For more information on these roles visit:

Now we are on the Framework, we can provide teams to work with public sector clients on digital services to improve digital outcomes. And we can provide digital specialists such as those outlined above to work on a service, programme or project on behalf of a public sector organisation.

As a digital outcomes supplier we have also committed to …

Comply with the technology code of practice

Work according to the government service design manual

•Understand what it means to work on different phases of agile delivery (alpha, beta, live, retirement)

We can now provide services through the framework covering the following capabilities....


•performance analysis and data


•service delivery

•software development

•support and operations

•testing and auditing

•user research

•user experience and design

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