Ensuring Your Compliance Data Is Being Managed Efficiently & Effectively

by Chris Shaw

Effective management and maintenance of your compliance data is essential to ensure your customers are protected and your assets maintained.

Ensuring Your Compliance Data Is Being Managed Efficiently & Effectively - Shaw Consulting

Having a system in place that enables the efficient management and use of data across the whole of the business offers a wide range of benefits to housing providers. These can include visualising data, interactive dashboards, and improving the speed and quality of report production.

Undertaking a service review of your compliance management systems could offer beneficial insight into how and where data is currently being stored and how this information is extracted, and highlight any required areas of improvement. Commissioning the right independent consultant will ensure that this is effectively compared to other available systems on the market to identify the improvements required and whether a replacement solution is needed.

The Challenge

Currently, many housing associations are facing challenges in regards to the management of their compliance data, mainly due to either data being dispersed over many systems, or compliance management being split between internal teams and external contractors who then use their own systems.

Through our work with housing organisations across the UK, we have found that a common challenge is that information is siloed. Separation forces each aspect of compliance to be looked at independently, preventing the business from fully understanding their levels of compliance and the potential cost of required remedial works across their estate.

In order to find a suitable solution, how a siloed approach began and how it has been allowed to persist needs to be established. A new strategy can then be devised to better manage compliance data, helping to safeguard customers and reduce organisational risk.

What do you need from your data management system?

To enable a holistic view of the business, it is important that compliance data is stored in a centralised location, such as a single data warehouse. Your data management system should also offer the ability to produce a live dashboard of key information, with in-depth 'drill downs' available to enable staff to quickly and easily identify any areas of non-compliance.

Some of the areas of compliance that should be managed within a central data management system are:

  • Gas and solid fuel
  • Legionella
  • Asbestos
  • Fire protection and risk assessments (including any works arising from fire risk assessments and periodic servicing of fire safety equipment)
  • Mechanical & electrical
  • Energy performance certificates
  • Playgrounds and common areas

Alongside the live dashboard, your data management system should also allow automatic reports to run at predetermined intervals (weekly, for example) to give an overview of the current state of compliance and highlight missing documentation.

To combat the current siloed approach, a system should be implemented which allows all compliance data to be stored per property (instead of per data type) to allow staff to quickly and easily manage assets and enable the scheduling of required maintenance or remedial work.


To ensure that your organisation is able to effectively manage compliance data, correct implementation of a new system is essential.

How data is captured and imported into the system needs to be taken into consideration. And the levels of automation and integrations available (such as integrations with maintenance and inspection records) need to be looked at to ensure that the software chosen is the most suitable for your business.

Tiered access for different members of staff should also be in place on a new data management system, with options for sharing information with external auditors, contractors and consultants without compromising data security.

Engaging a specialist IT consultant to undertake a review the options available and the systems available on the market will ensure that you find the most suitable option that enhances efficiencies and enables the improved management of your asset base.

Shaw Consulting are specialists in IT consultancy for the social housing and care sectors. We are completely independent from suppliers, meaning that we will work with your internal teams to establish exactly what you need and identify which data management systems will be the best option for your organisation.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us via the website or request a Skype call and our expert consultants will be happy to help.

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