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Ocean Housing Ltd - ICT Support

Ocean Housing Ltd is a not-for-profit registered provider of social and affordable housing, with a stock of some 4000 properties throughout Cornwall. Ocean Housing Ltd is part of Ocean Housing Group Ltd. Ocean Housing Group Ltd is a registered provider and parent company for: Ocean Housing Ltd, Ocean Services (SW) Ltd and Gilbert & Goode Ltd.


As a result of Ocean's Vision and Objectives in the Corporate Plan the following Business Systems objectives have been agreed:

  • Remove double entry across individual systems;
  • Increase transparency across the Group;
  • Introduce Workflow where appropriate;
  • Increase online transactions, customer account access and automated reminders;
  • Enable mobile working across the business;
  • Provide dashboards for staff outlining performance;
  • Automate performance information production; and
  • Enhanced reporting across all aspects of our operations to improve decision making.

In addition, and in facilitation of the above the following system procurements, replacements and reviews were agreed:

  • Replace - CSP and Financial Management Systems
  • Review – Asset Management, Contractor, Housing & In-House Systems
  • Procure – Electronic Document Management


Shaw worked 2 days a week alongside the Internal Programme Manager to provide support for programme management and the specification, procurement, and implementation of systems. In doing so, we worked with the business and the in-house IT team to deliver a comprehensive review of their requirements and the systems required to support the 2020 programme. Shaw used the competitive dialogue process. The programme included the:

  • Review of how frontline services are delivered ('As Is' and benchmarking) and the development of To Be processes, as part of competitive dialogue, to inform the procurement specifications and implementations. This involved business process reviews using a housing specific methodology that is based on Lean and Six Sigma;
  • Review of the listed systems and how these supported the 2020 objectives and the specification and replacement of those systems;
  • Specifying and procuring CRM, Finance and EDM;
  • Providing implementation support and guidance;
  • Providing training/skills transfer on the above to ensure Ocean is self-sufficient in the future.


We have helped Ocean Housing Ltd and the Group to understand the scale and scope of their endeavours and to set in place properly structured and rigorous governance arrangements and resources. We guided them in the choice of the procurement route and they have accepted our recommendation of Competitive Dialogue. We prepared, in full consultation, all procurement documentation; including, the Contract Notice, PQQ, ITPD1. ITPD2, & Final Offers. This included the relevant assessment criteria and methodologies.

As part of the process, Shaw guided Ocean Housing Group through the requirements of the Business Process review and this included training and skills transfer to the project team.

As a result of Shaw's engagement, Ocean performed a properly constituted, properly resourced and legally compliant procurement programme. The process was fully inclusive with internal and external customers and ensured that the 2020 objectives were achieved in concert with those who will be responsible for delivering services and those receiving the services.

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