Case Studies

Moat - Housing Management System Assessment and Implementation

Moat is a leading housing organisation, owning and managing over 20,000 homes in the South East.


Moat needed to replace their legacy Housing Management System (Genero from Civica) with a replacement Housing solution which integrated to their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and they needed to find a solution which would mobilise their implementation of Microsoft Dynamics, ensuring it worked in an online and offline way.


We held several workshops across the business to scope out the requirements for the replacement system.

We worked with the IT team to detail the integration requirements with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the other core business systems.

We developed the key architectural principles which the replacement solutions needed to meet to be considered a viable option.

Using the detailed specification of requirements and key architectural principles, we assessed the potential solutions with the Moat project team.

Once the solutions had been selected, we were asked to project manage the implementation of these selected systems.


The replacement housing solution selected was MIS Active-H and the solution to mobilise the Dynamics CRM was Resco.

The implementation of the Resco solution has resulted in some significant time savings for the business e.g. 50% faster property inspections and tenancy audits, reduction in travel time and savings of fuel.

The implementation of the MIS Active-H Housing solution was a challenging project which was delivered during lockdown, this required an agile approach in delivery for Moat, MIS and Shaw team to ensure the project was delivered successfully.

Microsoft Teams was used to managing the project and collaborate with all project teams members.

This proved to be invaluable, when the first lockdown came and everyone had to work from home.

Despite these challenges, and delays to the project, the new housing solution, went live in October 2021 with very minimal issues.

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