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Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust employ over 12,000 staff and deliver a range of health services to 15 million people across Merseyside and Cheshire one of only three high secure services nationally.

Mersey Care established a Task Force of senior managers to consider how the Trust could more effectively manage absence and develop a health and wellbeing approach for the future.The Task Force was asked to perform a systematic and strategic assessment of the problem and potential solutions.

The Task Force established that the absence problem could be broadly broken down into three themes, one of which is the systems that support absence management are not effective, the system architecture if complex and there is a lack of interoperability. In addition there was no systematic approach to targeting health and wellbeing interventions.

To understand the issues in more detail, Mersey Care asked Shaw Consulting to provide assurance:

  1. 1. Provide assurance that the existing workforce system plans and sequencing of plans are appropriate to support delivery of the intended outcome, (targeting effective health and wellbeing interventions at the right time and place for employees resulting in reduced sickness absence episodes and lost clinical capacity)
  2. 2. A review of the key interdependencies that cut across employee health and wellbeing touchpoints including, induction new starter and ongoing, health and wellbeing interventions and case management through to employee exit).
  3. 3. Highlight any gaps in existing plans, providing options for resolution and long term sustainability.

What we did

Shaw Consulting worked in partnership with the Task Force, engaging with all the key stakeholders to gain a detailed understanding of the current position, both in terms of the capabilities of the current systems, and identifying the manual and system led processes.

These processes and the assessment of them were detailed in a series of easy to understand diagrams, which helped bring clarity to issues and aided in assessing the interim and future operating models.

A detailed assessment of the financial costs and productivity loss was detailed and this provided a baseline to assess the future options and the business case for change.

An Interim option was identified which enabled Mersey Care to quickly implement some changes that simplified current practices and released resources before the Future Operating Models could be realised.

Shaw worked with the Task Force and the Finance Team to ratifying the Business Case for the future operating model and this identified conservative cashable savings, and significant productivity benefits.

The new target operating model, which is based on adopting the full Empactis Solution over the next two years, will make it easier for staff and managers to manage absence.

In addition, it enables managers to secure the support staff needs to manage their staff Health and Wellbeing quicker, and provide more timely and accurate reporting.

The review was delivered in two months, and was successful in securing approval from the executive team to invest in the complete Empactis Suite.

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