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Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association - ICT & Digital Strategy Development

Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association is a dynamic, forward-thinking and ambitious housing association. They manage nearly 1,600 homes located across Leeds, Barnsley, Whitby, Scarborough and Settle; ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom houses suitable for single people, couples and families.


Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association (LYHA) appointed Shaw Consulting to develop an ICT & Digital Strategy which included a prioritised action plan for the next three years.


The ICT & Digital Strategy has been designed to enable LYHA to transform the way they work as a business and the way in which we deliver services to their customers.

The ICT & Digital Strategy will provide LYHA with a platform for the future which will help them achieve better value for money, operate more effectively and deliver services to their customers, the way they want to engage with them.

The ICT & Digital Strategy supports and underpins LYHA future business plan and strategy.

We reviewed LYHA ’s current position, engaged with people from across the business and the board through one-to-one meetings, workshops and surveys to understand their future requirements. We then produced a detailed three-year plan designed to help LYHA realise their ambitions by 2023


We developed a fully costed ICT & Digital Strategy which detailed the estimated resource requirements for each project that was identified. These projects were prioritised by the year in which they needed to be delivered and ranked as ‘Must Do’, ‘Should Do’ and ‘Could Do’. This enabled us to provide different financial and resource models to the business and helped with securing board approval for the strategy.

The strategy included many diagrams which detailed the current position and the desired state. We developed a detailed operating model which included enterprise & target architecture models and to see how these translated to LYHA operations, we developed a business operating model.

These diagrams really helped the business and board understand their current position, what needed to change and why and how it would benefit them in the future.

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