Case Studies

Alliance Homes Group - ICT Strategy

Alliance Homes Group (AHG) is a community-based social enterprise based in North Somerset. AHG has an annual turnover of more than £31 million, employs around 400 staff and works in partnership with local, regional and national agencies.


AHG was looking for support from an independent and experienced consultancy to perform a detailed review of their current ICT Infrastructure and IT Systems, develop a 5-year strategy and then work with them to help implement the ICT Strategy.


Shaw developed an ICT Strategy that focused on examining both the strategic and operational requirements of the business and how IT Systems and Technology could support them.

The ICT Strategy was designed to assist AHG in developing a longer-term vision for information systems and information technology over five years, both of which complemented and supported AHG overall corporate business plan.

As part of Shaw's project methodology, a consultation exercise was undertaken with the senior management team and other key members of staff. The purpose of this consultation was to assess the current position of the IT applications, IT technology and the IT service.

The results from these consultation exercises were incorporated within ICT Strategy and communicated and agreed with the project team. Shaw approached the project in the following way:

  • A review of the information provided;
  • A survey was sent to all staff to find out their views on the current IT applications and technology in use;
  • Interviews were held with senior managers and other key stakeholders to gain an understanding of the business and service plans and how IT could support the delivery of them.

Using the above information, we detailed our understanding of the current service and the improvements required and presented these findings at the mid-point review.

  • Based on the feedback received at the mid-point review we developed a ICT strategy that was signed off by the management team.


AHG now has an ICT strategy that provides a prioritised list of projects detailing both the estimated costs and resource requirements for the next five years (2016–2021).

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